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Vasco Redness and Sensitive 50ml

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Application, Skin Type, Use:
Vasco is suitable for sensitive skins and skins with visible veins and capillaries due to lack of microcirculation.
*Soothing agents help minimize the discomfort of reactive and intolerant skins and reduce redness and irritations.
*The result is an acceleration of regeneration leaving a stronger skin.
*Following the application of Vasco, apply Synchro or Synchro 2000 for a better result.
*Not recommended on acne-prone skin or skin with inflammation.

Key Ingredients:
*Extracts of “St John’s Herbs” (yarrow, St. John’s wort, sage) with tonic and astringent properties, Glycoproteins, Essential amino acids and refined sweet almond oil.

Salon application: Yes
*Apply a small quantity of Vasco on diffuse redness or visible veins or capillaries followed by Synchro or Synchro 2000.

Home Care:
*Daily in the morning and/or evening.

Vasco Redness and Sensitive 50ml
Vasco Redness and Sensitive 50ml Sale price$94.00
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