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Whispers: Solutions from the Soul

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The Book of Whispers is here to remind you that spending time with your soul is never a squandered moment. It's an invitation to rekindle that deeper connection with yourself and rediscover the profound purpose that has always resided within you.

This gentle, nurturing companion guide for your soul is perfect to start your morning, before you embark on your day and before you drift off to sleep. The wisdom contained within these pages serves as delicious little reminders of who you are and why you are here.

I was invited to take part as a contributing author alongside some very inspirational and spectacular humans.

Pages: 386
Redchair Branding Inc. May 2023

In this chapter Cheryl explores her soul and the different ways in which it affects her life, as well as other peoples souls and how they affect them. She explains in the beginning of this chapter why she exists, and explains to the reader that she exists to help people. Throughout this chapter Cheryl shares some of her own extremely powerful quotes with the reader, as inspiration to finding themselves. This chapter delves into the interplay of ones soul in their lives and the affects it takes in discovering ones self. The chapter closes by describing who Cheryl is and that she inspires possibility.


Whispers: Solutions from the Soul
Whispers: Solutions from the Soul Sale price$25.00
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