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Cheryl Spalding Coach + Spa


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Women's Wellness Certified Coach & Boutique Spa

Meet Cheryl Spalding

women's wellness co: rejuvenating & personalized spa treatments tailored to enhance your outer beauty

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guiding women on a journey to reconnect with themselves

Empowering Women Coaching

Find Harmony Between Your Inner & Outer Self

Step into Cheryl Spalding's empowering haven, designed for women navigating life's transitions. Here, you're invited to reconnect with your resilience and embrace a truly holistic path to well-being. Together we’ll uncover the limitless capabilities within you through expert guidance and tailored self-care experiences to reveal a revitalized sense of self-assurance and inner strength. Welcome to a space where your beauty, both inner and outer, is celebrated and amplified!



As a dedicated women's wellness coach, Cheryl is passionate about guiding women on a journey to reconnect with themselves, fostering internal and external confidence! At Women's Wellness Co, Cheryl's home spa, you'll experience a wellness retreat like no other. Beyond traditional spa treatments, Cheryl, an experienced aesthetician, offers a unique blend of personalized services that go beyond the surface. Her spa is a haven for those seeking a personal, calm, and deeply meaningful escape!

What Is Coach & Spa?

A Message From Cheryl

As a seasoned professional in the field, I specialize in providing women with comprehensive coaching services that foster a profound sense of inner fulfillment. My approach is designed to guide individuals along a growth pathway, connecting them with their inherent power, unlocking untapped potential, and exploring limitless possibilities. Complementing my professional coaching services, my boutique spa is dedicated to delivering rejuvenating and personalized treatments tailored to enhance your outer beauty. These meticulously crafted spa experiences are curated to not only elevate your aesthetic appeal but also to radiate confidence from within. Discover the boundless potential that lies within you, and let the harmony of professional coaching and personalized spa treatments unveil a renewed sense of confidence and self-assurance. Welcome to a space where your beauty, both inner and outer, is celebrated and amplified.

"I have been resculpting Fern. She needed a new direction. We all, at some point, need to take a look at who we are and decide if it's who we really want to be... Change can be hard, it rarely isn't. ... Having a solid, kind, supportive, knowledgeable & experienced support to guide us along this pathway and who will hold us accountable is really invaluable! 

Fern White

"I was looking into clarifying my vision and trajectory of my business and Cheryl helped me get there. She is such a loving soul and encourager. She made me realize that I need to establish a methodology for my vision and invited me to look into committing daily to that methodology, specially when the excitement of the beginning fades away. Thank you so much Cheryl for your guidance!"

Medge Pwet

"I feel amazing when I leave Cheryl’s spa. I go for monthly facials because l am thrilled with the transformation it has brought to my skin. Not only are the products luxurious, but deliver real results. My complexion is more radiant and healthier than ever. Not only does my skin look amazing but I feel her energy. I leave feeling elevated and a weight has lifted off my shoulders. Cannot recommend her enough!"

Danielle Gray

"I am so pleased with the skin care and make up from Cheryl Spalding. After receiving a beautiful facial from Cheryl, she recommended some products that have really helped improve my skin, including some anti-aging products.  After only two weeks - I can see and feel a big difference."

Lesley Hardy

"I have been struggling with acne for years and tried countless treatments/products with little success. That was until I found Cheryl at Women's Wellness Co. After just a few sessions of her expert facials, I noticed a significant improvement in my skin's texture and clarity. Cheryl’s approach is not only professional but also incredibly personalized! Thanks to Cheryl, I now feel more confident in my skin than ever before. If you’re looking for real results and a transformative experience, look no further. Cheryl Spalding is truly the best!"

Jenna Ferguson

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